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Oproep Pep Claros voor Melissa

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Hieronder het verhaal dat Pep Clarós heeft opgesteld: 


Have you ever stop to think for a minute where you were 6 months ago? And 10 or 12 months ago? Or 15 months ago? … Well, after all this time, we are here today.

Melissa is a 13 year-old Donar supporter who has lived the last 15 month in the hospital. After all this time, she will be in the game next thursday…just for 3 hours because after the game she must come back to the hospital to continue with her treatment.

She´s waiting an answer from the politics and the insurance company for a long time. The essence of the community must react! As a community, Donar people, we all can give an answer today. Not tomorrow, not maybe… today and now!

I´m not a mathematics expert but I know that if we are 4500 people during the game vs Nijmegen and we all bring and give just 1 euro, we are giving an answer and we are helping Melissa. They still will need around 60 000 euros but I think we can give a big push, we can win together.

I like to think in the present, in the next game, and I always say to the players that when we give our maximum we always can win…because this is just up to us. I believe this is the same: You, us, all the Donar together can do the same.

Is Donar a way or life or not?

Once Melissa win we all win!


Melissa Venema in het ziekenhuis, samen met Pep Clarós en Hans Harmsen
Melissa Venema in het ziekehuis, samen met Pep Clarós en Hans Harmsen 

Er kunnen donaties gedaan worden op rekening, t.n.v. M.I.Venema, Grijpskerk. Daarnaast zal er donderdag 24 april rond de wedstrijd tegen Nijmegen vast en zeker gecollecteerd worden.

3 reacties

    1. Petra –

      Super actie. Gisteren nog even bij Melissa op bezoek geweest.

    2. JanW –


    3. Jeff –

      Laten we ook hopen dat vanavond de omzet goed is bij onze loterij, waarvan de hele opbrengst naar Melissa gaat.
      Namens S.V The Titans

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