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Alain Laroche ontslagen door hanzevast Capitals

door admin | 3 reacties

Het bestuur bezint zich nog of er voor Laroche een vervanger zal worden gezocht.

3 reacties

    1. Eddy Laroche –

      Alain Laroche is my son and I know that he can play basketball. It is unfortunate that the coach with his crazy style and approach to the game did not give him a chance. ;(

    2. stanley remy –

      there is no way alain wasnt good enough to play on this team, his talent and personality alone should get him a spot. your making a mistake. ive seen alain proform against the best and excelled! 🙁

    3. stanley remy –

      when alains bounces back, and is in a better situation u will see how terriable your program is! he is a pro , and doesnt need you to know that! 🙁

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